I am currently working on two books:


Gorrill, H. (2018) Women Can’t Paint: Gender, the Glass Ceiling and Values in Contemporary Art.  London: I.B. Tauris


Drawing Conversations: Collective and Collaborative Drawing in Contemporary Practice – a book I am co-editing with Professor Jill Journeaux, will be published by Cambridge Scholars Publishing in 2018.  The book includes contributions by key scholars in the area: Brew & Journeaux, Rogers, Casey & Davies, Harty & Sawdon, Hodson, Baker & Foster, Shepley, Barker, Stokes, Chow, Wright and Neil.

The book follows our inaugural conference Drawing Conversations 1, held at Coventry University in 2015.  We are currently planning the next conference Drawing Conversations 2: Body, Space, Place, and a new volume of the book stemming from this event (2019).

Please see the links to our previous conference and curated exhibition here: and