Women Can’t Paint

My new book (forthcoming) Women Can’t Paint is a provocative exposé of art’s gendered values. It cuts speculation and evidences that there are few aesthetic differences in men’s and women’s painting, yet museums ignore women’s work and their art is worth up to 80 per cent less than men’s. The brand of masculinity is so powerful that when work is signed by a male artist it goes up in value, yet work signed by a female artist goes down in value. This groundbreaking study challenges established methodologies and theories: in the aftermath of ‘Me Too’, it’s time for the artworld to sit up and take note.

Women Can’t Paint: Gender, the Glass Ceiling and Values in Contemporary Art, by Helen Gorrill – published by I.B. Tauris, September 2018.


Our book is out!

book coverCollective and Collaborative Drawing in Contemporary Practice: Drawing Conversations – a book I have co-edited with Professor Jill Journeaux, has been published by Cambridge Scholars Publishing.  The book includes contributions by key scholars in the area: Brew & Journeaux, Rogers, Casey & Davies, Harty & Sawdon, Hodson, Baker & Foster, Shepley, Barker, Stokes, Chow, Wright and Neil.

The book follows our inaugural conference Drawing Conversations 1, held at Coventry University in 2015.  The next conference Drawing Conversations 2: Body, Space, Place takes place on 7th December 2017 with a keynote from Marsha Meskimmon. A new volume of the book stems from this event (2019).