I am a British artist, writer, art historian, lecturer and postdoctoral researcher.  My undergraduate years were spent in art school where I graduated with a First Class degree, and the work from my final show was digitally archived by New York’s Brooklyn Museum (Elizabeth Sackler Center).  I was awarded funded scholarships to study my prize-winning MRes in Arts and Gender Studies at Northumbria University and a PhD in Fine Art research at Coventry University, externally supervised by the Royal College of Art (Gendered Symbolic and Economic Values in Contemporary British Painting).

My current postdoctoral work aims to explore patterns of creativity in aesthetics and identities through contemporary painting in national collections (1990 to present). I am motivated by the identification of transnational aesthetics and cultural identities through a new methodology developed during my PhD research in contemporary British painting, and seek to establish a next generation tradition in art historical analysis through the use of statistics programming of aesthetic and biographical details. My PhD research also discovered the emergence of a new ‘Androgynous Aesthetics’ in contemporary British painting since the 1990s. I am currently working on the USA, Middle East and German markets for my forthcoming book Women Can’t Paint: Gender, the Glass Ceiling and Values in Contemporary Art (IB Tauris 2018).  I am also the recipient of an Oppenheim John-Downes Memorial Trust Research Award for 2017.